Why Outboard Motor Carburetor Release Excess Fuel And How To Fix It

When you are making use of your outboard motor, you have to ensure that you observe its performance.

One of the things you have to check is if your outboard motor carburetor is releasing excess fuel.

If it occurs, it will lead to a lot of problems.

One is that fuel will be wasted.

The performance of your outboard motor will suffer too.

One of the major reasons why outboard motor carburetor release excess fuel is due to stuck carburetor float needle in an open position.

When the float needle is stuck in an open position, the proper functionality of the carburetor will be distorted.

Due to this, excess fuel will be released from the carburetor.

Why Outboard Motor Carburetor Release Excess Fuel

a) Stuck Float Needle

When it comes to the performance of an outboard motor, the carburetor plays a vital role.

The carburetor helps in the supply of fuel for combustion.

But this is not just done anyhow.

The carburetor helps in realeasing the right volume of fuel needed by the combustion chamber for combustion.

This volume varies depending on the performance level of the outboard motor.

When the outboard motor is running slowly, it will require less fuel.

But when it is accelerating, then it will require more volume of fuel.

This is easily supplied by the carburetor.

But for the carburetor to be able to supply fuel well, there are some components that help in achieving this.

This is when the float needle comes in.

In a carburetor, the float needle helps in regulating the flow of fuel.

When there is less fuel in the carburetor, the float needle will come down thereby allowing fuel to flow into the carburetor.

When there is enough fuel in the carburetor, the float needle will move up and close the fuel inlet valve.

This helps fight less and excess fuel supply and ensure that the supply of fuel is at the right volume.

But a problem arises when the float needle is stuck.

In such a situation, different outcomes will show up.

If the float needle is stuck in the closed position, then there will no fuel flowing into the carburetor.

If the float needle is stuck in an open position, then there will be an excess flow of fuel into and out of the carburetor.


a) Free Stuck Float Needle

When you discover that your float needle is stuck, you have to make sure that you free it.

This can be done by rebuilding the carburetor.

If the carburetor is really damaged, then you should consider replacing it.

This will help put your outboard motor in a good functional mode.

What Happens When Outboard Carburetor Release Excess Fuel

a) Smoking

There are outcomes to everything in life.

When you do things right, then you will receive a good outcome.

But when you do things in a wrong way, then you will have a bad outcome.

When the carburetor of your outboard motor is releasing excess fuel, things will happen.

One of the things that will happen is that your outboard motor will smoke.

This is because when a carburetor is releasing excess fuel, the combustion chamber will not be able to optimally burn the excess fuel.

This will lead to an incomplete combustion.

Due to this, smoke will be released due to incomplete combustion.

b) Flooded Engine

If you have a flooded engine, you will have a hard time starting your outboard motor.

This is because excess fuel will be deposited into the combustion chamber.

When this occurs, the spark from the spark plug will not be able to effective burn the released fuel.

This will lead to a flooded engine situation.

This is often solved by allowing the fuel inside to dry before trying to start again.

But to avoid this, you have to make sure that you do not use a bad carburetor that releases excess fuel.

c) Wastage Of Fuel

When outboard carburetor releases excess fuel, one of the side effects is that fuel will be wasted.

When you run into a situation in which your carburetor is outputting too much fuel, watch the under of your carburetor.

One of the things that you will see is that there will be a fuel leakage.

This translates to wastage of fuel which makes the outboard motor more expensive to use.

To avoid this, you have to make sure that you fix a bad carburetor.

d) Vibrating Outboard Motor

When your carburetor is depositing excess fuel into the combustion chamber, some of it will not be burnt.

This will lead to the release of smoke.

Apart from the release of smoke, the outboard motor will loose performance.

This will cause the outboard motor to vibrate especially when accelerating.

e) Stalling Of Outboard Motor

For an outboard motor to function well, the combustion chamber needs to be fed with fuel.

But the volume of fuel going into the combustion chamber has to be regulated.

If it is too little, the performance of the outboard motor will suffer.

If the volume of fuel released into the combustion chamber is in excess, the outboard motor will perform poorly too.

This will lead to cases like a vibrating or stalling outboard motor especially when you are accelerating.

When an outboard motor carburetor releases excess fuel, some of these flaws are going to manifest.

To avoid them, you have to make sure that you use a good carburetor always.

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